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Gold bar

Manufacturing and trading of gold bullions

SJC has introduced the very first gold bullions in Vietnam in 1989 (a tael of SJC gold) under Rong Vang SJC 999.9. SJC’s large range of gold bullion products, from one tenth of tael, two tenth of tael, half a tael and one tael, has influenced the way people carry out their trading transaction in Vietnam market. Since its introduction, SJC gold has become the preferred mean for investment; safe hedging, convenient mode of payment thanks to its extremely high liquidity. Currently, there are more than 10 million taels of gold being circulated in Vietnam market and the neighboring countries such as China, Lao and Cambodia. In responding to the International standard, SJC has introduced the 1 kilo gold bar (equals to 26,666 tael of 999.9 gold) in 2006.

SJC owns 03 factories producing gold bullions in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city which can meet the domestic market demand by supplying about 20,000 taels of gold (750 kg) per day. Customers can literally buy SJC products at any Jewelry retailers or any Commercial Joint Stock Banks in Vietnam. The investment in modern equipments, machineries and latest technologies imported from USA, Italia, Germany (such as USA made XRF machine); and the highly-skilled and diligent workers enable SJC to produce the most accurate products in term of weight (99.995% weight accuracy) which exceed the international standard. SJC - owned Rong Vang 999.9 brand is preferred because of its value: Best quality produces value – Real prestige makes strong faith in customers. Up-to-date, SJC gold is the only product in Vietnam which received exclusive assistance from World Gold Council.

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